Saturday, March 17, 2012


I must study hard for this degree because i love law school and im proud to be one of the selected students . And i dream for dean for this degree and i want UK for my master. Love it. Thats my dream right now. Coz i will stay in UK with my dad, he want to follow me. Jyeahhh. Im not alone because i hate to be alone :) 
Pray for me peeps. 

                  University of Cambridge is one of the oldest law schools of the world. Since the 13th century, Cambridge has rendered education in legal studies. Currently the Faculty of Law offers five programs in law, namely BA, LLM, M.Litt, LL.D and PhD in law. In addition, this prestigious law school in UK conducts MPhil programs in criminology and criminological research and diplomas in international law and legal studies. * from googles *

                   The School of Law at Queen Mary, University of London, is among the top law schools in UK. It offers undergraduate degree programs in law of two to four years duration. Only students who have obtained A*AA and AAA grades at the A level examination are eligible for the LLB and BA Law and Politics programs of the law school. Queen Mary is especially noted for its courses in commercial law conducted by the Centre of Commercial Law Studies. It also awards postgraduate degrees, diplomas, certificates, and PhD.

                                     The Faculty of Law of the University College of London (UCL) is located at the center of Bloomsbury district in London. This prestigious law school in UK boasts of outstanding faculty comprising of prominent legal luminaries.The performances of students in the moots are judged by leading judges and lawyers of the country. UCL offers LLB (Hons) and other LLB programs with specialization in French, German, Australian, Singaporean or Hispanic Law. It also awards a joint LLB/JD degree with Columbia Law School. The law school also conducts LLM, MPhil and PhD programs.

sources from googles so credit to googles :) This are example of law school in UK,  I want one of this <3 please pretty pretty please :)

Sunday, March 11, 2012


if only my dad can understand my feeling, with who im going to married with? -___________-


if only my dad can understand my feeling, with who im going to married with? -___________-

Saturday, March 10, 2012

long timeeee

hye guys. long time not update anything.
here we goes. i just miss writting but i dont have time to blogging. nahhh not really busy but actually nothing to wrote in.
okay maybe i will start to blogging again.
and nowwww as time goes on, im a degree law student now and i taking Bachelor of Legal Studies. Jyeahh. i got Band 4 for Muet :) Thank God.
AND NOW what i want to share with all of the readers beware if you stay in Mawar Kolej.
me and my roomate had lost a lot of money. okay lah in malay baru dramatik sikit. huaaa -________-
6 Mac lepas adalah first night kitorang stay in mawar and that first night bukan lah night yang indah, it is a bad, a really suck moment in my life. tak pernah rasa lagi this experience and tak nak pon those experience.
bilik kami telah dipecah masuk. :( so sadd.
and i lost my new brand handphone, Samsung Galaxy :( I bought it using my salary :( touching sgt. touchingggg. baru pakai 2 minggu :( why why why this happen.
and my roomate lost her purse and of course lot of money,i.c , bank card. :( :(
the thieves are really bitch!
kenapa perlu curi barang org lain?
waktu kejadian kami baru lepas basuh baju around 10 lebih and after that online, chit chat  and tex my friend around 11.30 then tak tau camne boleh terlelap, pintu tutup tak kunci.
around 11.50 terjaga and semua dah lesap :(
terlampau pantas. dalam 15 minit semua barang hilang. paling membuat kan kami terkilan kerana ketika kejadian kitorang ada dalam bilik.
yes of course ini ujian paling berat , but i know and i believe semua ni ada hikmah.
and aku cuma doakan yang Allah buka hati pencuri tu untuk bertaubat, yelah susah lah makan duit haram ni kan, untuk belaja pon susahh.
tapi biasanyaaa pencuri2 ni ada masalah dalaman and masalah family.
mungkin family dia tak pernah care pasal dia thats why dia mencuri and nak hidup senang. entah i dont care.
tapi if prncuri tu stalk my message in my inbox, i really hope dia baca all message from my dad,my mom, my friends and my sister and my boyfriend because diorang semua ni bagi semangat before i enter my degree life, bila dia baca mesti pencuri tu menangis sebab dia takde orang sayang dia or tex dia macam tu. thats why dia sgt jahat and mencuri utk perhatian. hahaha. entah lah i dont care.
and hello pencuri if you read this, i already have a new handphone :P :p ppffftttt.