Saturday, March 17, 2012


I must study hard for this degree because i love law school and im proud to be one of the selected students . And i dream for dean for this degree and i want UK for my master. Love it. Thats my dream right now. Coz i will stay in UK with my dad, he want to follow me. Jyeahhh. Im not alone because i hate to be alone :) 
Pray for me peeps. 

                  University of Cambridge is one of the oldest law schools of the world. Since the 13th century, Cambridge has rendered education in legal studies. Currently the Faculty of Law offers five programs in law, namely BA, LLM, M.Litt, LL.D and PhD in law. In addition, this prestigious law school in UK conducts MPhil programs in criminology and criminological research and diplomas in international law and legal studies. * from googles *

                   The School of Law at Queen Mary, University of London, is among the top law schools in UK. It offers undergraduate degree programs in law of two to four years duration. Only students who have obtained A*AA and AAA grades at the A level examination are eligible for the LLB and BA Law and Politics programs of the law school. Queen Mary is especially noted for its courses in commercial law conducted by the Centre of Commercial Law Studies. It also awards postgraduate degrees, diplomas, certificates, and PhD.

                                     The Faculty of Law of the University College of London (UCL) is located at the center of Bloomsbury district in London. This prestigious law school in UK boasts of outstanding faculty comprising of prominent legal luminaries.The performances of students in the moots are judged by leading judges and lawyers of the country. UCL offers LLB (Hons) and other LLB programs with specialization in French, German, Australian, Singaporean or Hispanic Law. It also awards a joint LLB/JD degree with Columbia Law School. The law school also conducts LLM, MPhil and PhD programs.

sources from googles so credit to googles :) This are example of law school in UK,  I want one of this <3 please pretty pretty please :)

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