Thursday, February 24, 2011

hell o blogger:)

what a busy weeks .nothing to update.

Sometimes, in our relentless efforts to find the person we LOVE, we
fail to recognize & appreciate the people who LOVE us. We miss out on so many beautiful thi
ngs & simply because we allow ourselves to been slaved by our own selfish concerns. Go for the man of deeds & not for the man of words for you will find rewarding happiness not with the man you LOVE but the man who LOVES you more. The best LOVERS are those who are capable of LOVING from adistance, far enough to allow the other person to grow, but never too far to feel the LOVE deep within your being. To let go of someone doesn't mean you have to stop LOVING, it only means that you allow that person to find his own happiness without expecting him to come back. Letting go is not just setting the other person free, but it is also setting yourself free from all bitterness, hatred, & anger that keep in your heart. Do not let the bitterness rare away your strength & weaken your faith & never allow pain to dishearten you, but rather let you grow with wisdom in bearing it. You may found peace in LOVING someone from a distance not expecting anything in return. But be careful, for this can sustain life but can never give enough room for us to grow. We can all survive with just beautiful memories of the past but real peace & happiness come only with open acceptance of what reality is today. There comes a time in our lives when we chance upon someone so nice & beautiful and we just find ourselves getting so intensely attracted to that person. This feeling soon become a part of our everyday lives & eventually consumes our thoughts & actions. The sad part of it is when we begin to realize that this person feels nothing more for us than just a friendship. We start our desperate attempt to get noticed & be closer but in the end our efforts are still unrewarded & we end up being sorry for ourselves. You don't have to forget someone you LOVE. What you need to learn is how to accept the verdict of reality without being bitter or sorry for yourself. Believe me; you would be better off giving that dedication & LOVE to someone more deserving. Don't let your heart run your life, be sensible & let your mind speak for itself. Listen not only to your feelings but to reason as well. Always remember that if you lose someone today, it means that someone better is coming tomorrow: If you lose LOVE that doesn't mean that you failed in LOVE. Cry, if you have to, but make it sure that the tears wash away the hurt & the bitterness that the past has left with you. Let go of yesterday & LOVE will find its way back to you & when it does, pray that it may be the LOVE that will stay & last a lifetime

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

thanks :D

Thanks for coming here. thanks for cheer my weekends :)
thanks a lot.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

not well

hello MTC 038 please be nice with me and syida:D
WE LOVE you you you mtc 038.

Friday, February 11, 2011

the reasons why .

haha. fezaa. why always your entry about love?
i miss him so much. so sorri if you are annoyed with my post :P

                                                                          15 years old

                                                                         16 years old

                                                                          17 years old

                                                                          18 years old

                                                                      19 years old

                                                                     he can be an ustaz

                                                                     he can be cow :P

                                                                       he can be badut :D
                                                            tengok tengok dia kuat :P

u turned my world upside down and then I realized , i’ve fallen in love. Getting to know you was the best time ever and been with you was the greatest time of my life. You taught me so much, things that I will never know. You make smile out of no where. I honestly miss your sense of humor. 
You know what I love most about you? Is that you actually care about me. I love how you always ask me how my day was. Barely anyone ever ask me that. I love how you dont like talking about your feelings but when it comes to me, you actually tell me how you feel. I miss everything.
this is all reasons why:)

hello blogger :D

hello hello hello. im very excited:)
my blog punya age 2 days today :) and i have 10 followers and 113 sekodeng peoples :)
thanks people because read my blog :D
and if you all feel free to comment and feel free to become my followers i become more excited .oh la laaaa.
today entry. being single is better than married?
who agree with me?haha. actually this is my topic for forum and as usual syida and me are in same group and we must make a research about single person.

here are the advantages of being single.

1: More freedom and independence
 Being single means you have more freedom. You answer to no one. If you’re single, you don’t have to let anyone know when you decide to go somewhere. It allows for more spontaneity in your life. If you want to take a weekend road trip, you can make that decision on the spur of the moment. 

2: More control over your time
 We live in a busy society. You probably hear people complaining that they never have enough time, all while scribbling their plans for the next three months into their Palm Pilot. These people probably aren’t single. When you’re single, you may have more time for yourself and things that you like to do. You can set your own schedule. Being single may give you more time for hobbies, relaxation, being with friends and family, and so on.

3: More control over your money
 In addition to time, relationships also require money, and a lot of it. Being single gives you full financial freedom. You will be in control of where every dollar you spend goes. Guys, think of the money you’ll save by not having to pay for overpriced dinners and movies, and buying all kinds of presents for birthdays, Valentine's Day, Christmas, and the 11-week anniversary of the third date. Being single allows you to spend money that you have on yourself with no guilt. 

4: Not having to tolerate another’s annoying habits
 Let’s face it – all of us have quirks about ourselves that someone else finds annoying. Being single frees you from this issue. A single person doesn’t have to listen to someone snore all night while hogging the blankets. 

5: No emotional roller coaster rides
 Being single allows you to stabilize your emotions. When a person is in a relationship, especially when it is just starting, your emotions can go completely out of whack. Your mind can go a mile a minute constantly thinking things like, “Does s/he still like me?”, “Did I say the right thing?”, “What should I do now?”, “When should I call next?” The list goes on and on. It’s enough to make a person go bonkers with all these thoughts running rampant. In addition, being single means that you won’t have to worry about going through a heart-wrenching breakup. Once you’ve become a successful single, you will appreciate being able to be emotionally relaxed.

6: Ability to become aware of who you are
 Being single can give you a deeper awareness of who you really are - not someone as defined by a relationship. During the initial stages of a relationship, you try to make yourself look as good as possible to impress the other person, and often find yourself saying and doing things you normally wouldn’t do. Being single allows you to be yourself and develop who you really are.

These are just some of the advantages to being single. As you progress into becoming a successful single, you will find more and more advantages.  Once you move past the “grass is greener on the other side” way of thinking, you will then be ready to make the most of being single.

John Wooden said, 

“Things turn out best for people who make the best out of the way things turn out.”
 so all single women or men out there, dont worry if you are single. see being single also have their advantages :D

till death do us apart

I really enjoyed spending time with you, even if we were just going to be sitting around and talking about nothing.There are a million things I love about you, like your nose or the way you smiled, the way you looked me in the eye too. And I just get the greatest feeling when I made you laugh. You’re just the one for me. And no one could ever replace you in my heart, I promise you from the bottom of my heart. I promise, sayang. I don’t know how to explain how much you mean to me and how hard my life is when you’re not with me. I just need are my greatest supporter.i know no one can replace are good enough for me.yahh.surely sure thats name suit you,superhero:):)
 but now now now its all over  it happens so sudden and i dont know what can i do to cheer you up and to make things better.
im craving for you like hell and i know you wont do the same,
grenade by bruno mars, suit my situation now :(

mcd mcd mcd mcd mcd

we want MCD! we want mcd.

                                                               im craving :(

hello all, test psychology drives me crazy.
all students take the test just online with i learn portal. you can sit the test ikut suka lah. start from 3 pm to 6pm,
as usual, feza sgt lah semangat to sit for the test . and when i log in to i learn portal. ahhhs. i had a feeling of cuak lah pulak.
so so syida take the test first, once syida have log in, and answer the question, wan and me already know the question because all question are same for all students.
very lucky right?haha.
and after that, wan sit for the test and i am the last person to sit for the test.
and im the lucky one.haha. i got the highest marks because i am the last person sit for the test and my lovely syida and wan helped me  a lot answer the question.
thanks syida and wan. i love you all. mwamwamwamwmahh.
p/s : so fariza lu jangan perasan lu dpt tinggi kalau bukan kawan lu yang tolong.hehhehe :D

Thursday, February 10, 2011

heart heart heart

                                                                   heart please be STRONG.
                                       Sorry pillow for the tears.
                                     sorry brain for the overloaded thinking of him.

                                                                                                          be ok 


juju yg wear hijab tu. aulia the one who are gangster and bella
asyik make entry pasal friends je kan.haha.
actually this is because i miss them much. rindu gilak nak hang out, karaoke. movie movie movie.gossip :D Shopping, make a crazious video and many more.

next entry

what a dream
BARU bangun, tapi dream about my friend that i had mention earlier.
why u come into my dream?alaaa. i dont want you to come into my dream lah.
allalla.nak kene tido balik.


why i MISS you so much right now? 
down honey down. hell a month tak jumpa :(
need to sleep and dream abou you :(

i want to sleep. please please come into my dream

the meaning of friendship

hello there :)
my next entry : F.R.I.E.N.D.S.H.I.P
im sure all of you have friends. and sure love them right. em,i do have friends. a lot .yes a lot, but the only friends that i trust only few.
it is hard for me to talk about friendship. for me friends influence a lot in our life. and i love and appreciate them so muchh.
but now, i just want to share and ask question, why if we have be close with them, we cannot appreciate them much? we love to kutuk2 kawan kita,to main ckp lepas. emm. yahh, i admit, yang its normal to critics our friend but please use a proper language,
um, this is my experience. :D
sorry friends if you terasa. i hope u understand what i feel :)
no hard feelings.
this is the real story and based on my experience yah.
i have a friend, and im very close with her when i entered university world. but after that i feel that she has changed a lot, she like to kasar2 with me.auchh,saya sangat lembut hati.haha.
and she like to critics others but dia sama sahaja. haiyaa.
she like to suruh2 org buat kerja. tapi sho wont do to others.
and she like to sulking. oh God. i dont know what way i can tell her my feelings. i want her to understand, she need to understand others too. 
and she have to, need to sesuaikan diri with new environment.
be friends with all and please please please dont critics your friends too much.
please respect your friends as your friends respect you.
um,i have nothing to say, i hope u changed if you read my post :)
 and so sorry  for not terus terang face to face with you.
i dont want to make you hurt, but you make me hurt. :)
ok,at last. i hope you will changed:)
p/s : im not perfect too.

thats all my entry for today :D
hoe you all enjoy and hope you all know the meaning of friendship and appreciate your friends better.:)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

im new here fellas :D

im new here. and for sure this is my new post. nothing much i want to say. 
ok. why i feel like i want to have a blog?
syida azira the one who influenece me. thanks to her.*keningkening  yahh.right. friend can influence us right. they play a major role in our life.
first of all. for my first enty, lets introduce my self .haaa"D
im fariza amira binti azman full name .
8 teen going to 9 teen 
and yesss im TAKEN. :D