Friday, February 11, 2011

mcd mcd mcd mcd mcd

we want MCD! we want mcd.

                                                               im craving :(

hello all, test psychology drives me crazy.
all students take the test just online with i learn portal. you can sit the test ikut suka lah. start from 3 pm to 6pm,
as usual, feza sgt lah semangat to sit for the test . and when i log in to i learn portal. ahhhs. i had a feeling of cuak lah pulak.
so so syida take the test first, once syida have log in, and answer the question, wan and me already know the question because all question are same for all students.
very lucky right?haha.
and after that, wan sit for the test and i am the last person to sit for the test.
and im the lucky one.haha. i got the highest marks because i am the last person sit for the test and my lovely syida and wan helped me  a lot answer the question.
thanks syida and wan. i love you all. mwamwamwamwmahh.
p/s : so fariza lu jangan perasan lu dpt tinggi kalau bukan kawan lu yang tolong.hehhehe :D

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