Thursday, February 10, 2011

the meaning of friendship

hello there :)
my next entry : F.R.I.E.N.D.S.H.I.P
im sure all of you have friends. and sure love them right. em,i do have friends. a lot .yes a lot, but the only friends that i trust only few.
it is hard for me to talk about friendship. for me friends influence a lot in our life. and i love and appreciate them so muchh.
but now, i just want to share and ask question, why if we have be close with them, we cannot appreciate them much? we love to kutuk2 kawan kita,to main ckp lepas. emm. yahh, i admit, yang its normal to critics our friend but please use a proper language,
um, this is my experience. :D
sorry friends if you terasa. i hope u understand what i feel :)
no hard feelings.
this is the real story and based on my experience yah.
i have a friend, and im very close with her when i entered university world. but after that i feel that she has changed a lot, she like to kasar2 with me.auchh,saya sangat lembut hati.haha.
and she like to critics others but dia sama sahaja. haiyaa.
she like to suruh2 org buat kerja. tapi sho wont do to others.
and she like to sulking. oh God. i dont know what way i can tell her my feelings. i want her to understand, she need to understand others too. 
and she have to, need to sesuaikan diri with new environment.
be friends with all and please please please dont critics your friends too much.
please respect your friends as your friends respect you.
um,i have nothing to say, i hope u changed if you read my post :)
 and so sorry  for not terus terang face to face with you.
i dont want to make you hurt, but you make me hurt. :)
ok,at last. i hope you will changed:)
p/s : im not perfect too.

thats all my entry for today :D
hoe you all enjoy and hope you all know the meaning of friendship and appreciate your friends better.:)


  1. comel gila entry awak. saya ta terasa punn. hahaha. so bukan saya la kannn. dan dan saya hargai awak sebagai sahabat terhebat saya <3

  2. ye juju <3
    comel ke entry ni?haha.
    love you too. u are my greates friend:)