Friday, February 11, 2011

the reasons why .

haha. fezaa. why always your entry about love?
i miss him so much. so sorri if you are annoyed with my post :P

                                                                          15 years old

                                                                         16 years old

                                                                          17 years old

                                                                          18 years old

                                                                      19 years old

                                                                     he can be an ustaz

                                                                     he can be cow :P

                                                                       he can be badut :D
                                                            tengok tengok dia kuat :P

u turned my world upside down and then I realized , i’ve fallen in love. Getting to know you was the best time ever and been with you was the greatest time of my life. You taught me so much, things that I will never know. You make smile out of no where. I honestly miss your sense of humor. 
You know what I love most about you? Is that you actually care about me. I love how you always ask me how my day was. Barely anyone ever ask me that. I love how you dont like talking about your feelings but when it comes to me, you actually tell me how you feel. I miss everything.
this is all reasons why:)


  1. i love this so much. yeahhhh, and act i prefer read your entry about love. seriously dear. mybe we same type. suka jiwang jiwang kann. hahah.i loikeeessss this one so much. and sure if he do read this. he will smile and touching. awww. haha. i been with you guys since the earlier your relationship. and i always pray that you guys are meant to be together. InsyaALLAH. happily ever after my dear.

  2. love u much dear~
    lets play!
    happily together ever after..

  3. juju: hello love. thanks for support me :)
    you are good supportive. love you :)

    faiz : hello heart. love you too more :)