Tuesday, September 20, 2011

i wish

how i wish 
i get 3 pointer above for my last semester as foundation law student
band 4 for my MUET for my satisfaction
love live and laugh wit my ketupat gang
still be friends with them although we will in different university for degree life
and how i wish you can understand me.
get rid off all the BITCHES!
fuck off with all the sweet talker.

till then. daaa :D

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

24 august

to mohamad faiz bin moh pauzi :)
you are truly a blessing from God
thank you for being my partner my soul mate my spouse lover and best friend 
happy birthday and also 
happy anniversary for both of us
teheeeeeeeeee :D
No one else would understand our relationship
and no one else in this world (except my dad) hehehe.
would understand me better than you
thanks sweet heart for the happy moments you create in this 4 years. :')
on your birthday
may God bless you
and also
good luck on your final exam
i dont want anything else
i just wishing you are happy with your life
good luck in your life too
im wishing you to be an engineer someday
because i want to have luxury with youu.
jyeahhh :D
boleh shopping banyak banyak when you become an engineer
happy :D
thats make me happy
happy shopping with you
without any worries :)
back to the wish
im happy knowing that your are mine
and also i am very appreciate received your tex
wish anniversary to me
so touched :')
i hope our dreams to be together ever after will not just a dreams
take care of your self there in penang
last but not least
i love you and missing you every seconds here :) 

Saturday, August 20, 2011


hyeee. cik ila gulaa.
actually tak kenal pon siapa cik ila gula ni, but bila dia dah buat GA ni, and syida dah tagged, so just enter jela.
mana tahu, luck baik,
boleh dapat pashmina freee buat rayaa!
dapat pashmina color purple okay juga.
masuk dengan baju rayaa.
boleh kan cik ila gula yang manis? :D :D
lepas tuuu, boleh la cik ila gula ni follow my blog yang tak seberapa ni.
yang followers macam nak tanak jee. -_________-
thats all.
hye cik ila gulaa.
salam perkenalan :)
nice to view your blogg.

and i wanna tagged to other blogger

  •                                                                                         http://thisisminejustjuju.blogspot.com
  •                                                                                        http://afiqahayob.blogspot.com/

thats all from me. 
nice to meet you cik ila gula. byee.

good night peeps. 

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

and the economy test is suck.
i must strive harder for this sem to make sure my pointer achieved the requirements given.
but im so happy because
my mom everyday mms me :D
and called me everyday.
sound like they know im missing them here

debate session

yeah. finally.
i think, me and my team have all out in our debate session.
we have idea to rebutting the opposition party and i memorize my script.
i still look at my notes sometimes to make sure it.
but for me 
i already done my best
just wait for madam bai to give the comment on next week.
i hope she will give a good comment that make us proud.
thanks for syida as 1st speaker.
fazreen 2nd speaker.
and liana for the 3rd speaker.
and me as a forth speaker.
i love debate. cewahhh.
and tonight i will take economy test.
hope to get highest marks if i can. kekekeke.

okay good bye peeps.
until then.
p/s: i miss my family, my dad, my mom and my amim.
cannot sleep yesterday, just can close my eyes on 5 a.m i dont know whats wrong with my feeling.
not tough like usual.

Monday, August 15, 2011

DAD :)

DAD :)
i miss you a lot
i miss you more than my boyfriend
i cannot live without you
but i can live without my boyfriend
although you sometimes mad at me
but thats because for make me a better person
im crying writing this post
how hard this feelings to control
you know me better than any one else
you treat me well than any one else
im your princess
i cannot wait to hug you on 
26 august 2011

budak baru belajar :)

hye. aku baru download photoscape.
pastu semangat try edit gambar. haha. lame gila!

first try. :D

tomorrow gonna be my debate session for BEL 332.
hope i can do well as a last speaker.
we debate on topic
this house believes that boarding school is good for children and we are in government side.
and i hope i can memorize the script by today because i dont want to look at the note.

keep counting days.
ayah. ibu. amim.
wait for akak. break the fast together :)

Saturday, August 13, 2011

I REALIZE -_______-

I realize i cannot stand without your tex.
waiting for your tex. wait for my phone to ring. 
and sudden it rings, received tex from maxis.
how i feel so sad.
please please repair your phone as soon as you can.
i cannot stand baby.

10 days to go.
our anniversary for 4 years
and 19 birthday of yours.

you want this baby for our anniversary things?

Friday, August 5, 2011

family :(

i miss my family.
lagi lagi time ramadhan mcm ni.
buka puasa makan arked. nasi campur je :(
kat rumah makan sedap sedap.
tak ingat dunia makan. murtabak, air tebu, tepung pelita hari hari kene ada.
sahur lagi pilu, minum milo je.
tak pun makan roti letak tuna.
rasa macam kucing je makan tuna hari hari. :P
tapi kene bersyukur. 
kat rumah makan sedap2.
tak payah buat apa apa. makan je
semua dah sedia.
semalam mimpi family.
bangun bangun menangis
* stop 5 minute nages jap*

mental tak kuat pulak sem 3ni
dengan subject yang tough
law 3 bahasa belit belit
economy yang aku ta faham, tengok tengok dah last chapter :(
global je boleh tahan
tapi presentation, assignment semua macam teruk
bel yang ada debate, memang aku power debate kannn.hummm :(
term paper yang rumit gila.
stress out
hope pointer lepas.
tanak rendah rendah.
hahahah. emosi pulakk.
tasuka betul beta sedih sedih cmni. :)
say cheese :D

cewahhhh. hahah. posing.

abaikan rambut ayah. nanti aku kaya, bawa lah pergi yun nam. haha :P

miss :.(

i miss this moment. sob sob sob.

and this also.

okay bubyee. good night:)

I hate this situation ! :(

I'm all alone.

Sitting like a dumb in front of the lappy.

Stalking others' profile on fb.

Waiting for a phone call or a simple cute text from pete doherty.

it's just that we're far apart and that's hurt the most :(

Dear Lord, please give me strength to face all of these tests.

Could you fly for me sayang ?
Could you drive all the way to kuantan just to cheer me up ?
I really need you.
please :'(

Thursday, August 4, 2011


time balik mid sem hari tu. saje lah ajak ayah pergi tutti frutti. pastu pusing pusing lah bangi cari.

ini ayah punya.

and this is mine :)

 muka happy dapat makan :D

tunggu chance je nak makan dengan faiz pulak, boleh main suap suap. oh gedikk. 

thanks syida :)

ini syidaa. dia bulat. hahahahah . *pasni baca dia marah.

hahaha. dia kasi purse baru. thanks syida :)
yeahh, ada purse baruu.

                                                       muka bangga menunjuk. heee :D

gracias friends :)

pada 28 julai yang lepas, merupakan hari jadi aku. haha.
time malam tu, memang busy buat assignment global. then tengah aku baring baring meniarap buat footnote assignment tu, then tiba tiba syida siram guna air sabun and nyanyi happy birthday to you.
HAHA, terkejut beta time tu. dah tengah malam cm tu, memang sejuk gila. gigil tau. tapi tak kisah sebab wangi. haha. 
then esoknya pulak time kelas ekonomi before masuk kelas, diorang ramai ramai cakap nak pergi 7eleven, nak topup la, apa lah. 
aku pon nak ikot lah sebab malas nak masuk kelas economy yang sgt awesome tu.
then diorg semua serentak, tayah tayah kau pergi masuk, cop tempat. 
aku tak dela merasakan sesuatu yang pelik pon, haha. rupanya diorang ada plan.
then lepas habis class economy tu, pergi kat dining tgok bola MALAYSIA VS SINGAPORE, malaysia menang. aah aku tipu. haha
habis je bola, lepak kejap dekat bendera, then naiemah and syida tutup mata aku.
then bawa lah jalan, pastu dengar la kawan kawan ni nyanyi lagu happy birthday :)
memang lia
na mak ketupat dia kene jerit time nyanyi. hehe. aku memang dengar suara dia kuat. hee :) thats so sweet of all of you :)
then tiup lilin cake, make a wish and then kene juga lah tepek dengan ising cake.
and again wangi juga. hahha. memang best :D
really appreciate it gang :) thanks a lot for remembering and celebrating my birthday :)
thanks a lot. sob sob sob (terharu) heehhe.
and now im nineteen :)

                                                           okay dak farah, itu comel. :P

                                                                 ketupat :)

                                                                 aku putih :P hahaha. 

thats all :)
thanks happy reading.

Monday, August 1, 2011

be strong

dear heart,
please be strong.
ayah. ibu. amim. juju. aulia. i wish we can met even in dream to share my stories, even in dream i will satisfied.
dear God please make it true. dear God, give me strength to face this obstacle. :(

Monday, July 25, 2011

i miss our moments.

pete doherty, i miss you here. like hell crazy.
kenapa lah tak amek course sama dulu. kenapa lah kenapa lah.
tapi tanak amek enginnering, so faiz you should take law. follow lah. baru tak rindu macam ni.
baru lah hari hari saya senyum sampai ke telinga. baru lah. baru lah. alaa. baru lah hari hari saya gi kelas awal. 

ya Allah, comelnyaa. tengokk. macam mana lah boleh tak rindu kan. haha. gedik gila. 
okay lah nak mandi. layan perasaan sampai bila pon tak habis. bubyee :)
p/s : jgn muntah

ibu baik hati belanja :D

 the manhattan fish market 
tengah lapar mcm ni, upload pulak gambar makanan ni. 


girls day out yaww :D

here we meet again my girlfriends :)

dear friends we have gone through all the sweet and bitter experience. we love to tease each other, love to make jokes and many more. sometimes yaa we have misunderstandings but that experience teach us to appreciate friendship. we cannot live without each other. we cannot deny that we love each other and that love are very strong bonding. even though we are far apart, perak, kuantan, johor and kl but that distance do not make our friendship dull. i truly love you all friend. 
p/s : nanti tarikh kawen buat sama sama. serentak. ohh. so gedik youuu

Sunday, July 24, 2011

never shout never

Baby, I love you
I never want to let you go
The more I think about,
The more I want to let you know...
That everything you do,
Is super fuckin' cute
And I can't stand it

I've been searching for
A boy that's just like you
Cause I know
That your heart is true

Baby, I love you
I never want to let you go
The more I think about,
The more I want to let you know...
That everything you do,
Is super duper cute
And I can't stand it

Let's sell all our shit,
And run away
To sail the ocean blue
Then you'll know,
That my heart is true yeah

You, you got me where you want me
Cause I'll do anything to please you
Just to make it through...
Another year

You, I saw you across the room
And I knew that this was gonna
Blossom into something beautiful.
You're wonderful.

Baby, I love you
I never want to let you go
The more I think about,
The more I want to let you know...
That everything you do,
Is super duper cute
And I can't stand it

Baby, I love you
I never want to let you go
The more I think about,
The more I want to let you know...
That everything you do,
Is super duper cute
And I can't stand it

And I can't stand it
No I can't stand it.
p/s : for you pete doherty. 

Thursday, July 7, 2011

10 perkara yang aku akan rindu selepas tamat asasi

Top Ten Listed.

1. of course my roomate. syida la kan. sebab memang dari sem 1 kitorang stick together. group sama. katil sama. i mean dia atas, aku bawah lah. pergi mana mana pon sama sama. kira mcm soulmate juga. cettt. :P
of course rindu kan. tak kan boleh lupa mcm tu je. hye syida, nanti saya rindu awak. muahmuah . haha. gedik pulak.

2. tak lain tak bukan ketupats crew. memang kepoh lah gang gang aku ni. kalau kat kedai makan tu, takde org ckp shhh, tak sah. haha. semua memang boleh behave lah kan kalau ada hot story. bahaha. tapi fun dgn diorg, even org ckp joyah ke hape, peduli sgt lah kan. korang nak jadi perempuan melayu terakhir? ha, hambekk lah. haha. ketupat i will missss all of you of course. tak tahu lah degree nanti jumpa lagi korang ke tidak.

3. aku rindu classmates aku. errr. sound weird. yelah sebab classmates aku kadang kadang suka lah emotional tak pasal, aku ta minat mcm tu. tp kadang kadang terlebih unite pulak. -________-
apa pon, mestilah rindu class sendiri kan nanti.

4. rindu dekat driver bus. heeee :D
 betul. driver bus kitorang baik baik. mana nak cari driver bus yang nak hantar korang pergi ECM ke MEGA ke. diorg drop tau kalau minta baik baik.lepas tu kadang kadang diorg kasi nasihat yang berguna untuk kita. macam Pak Dollah, pernah je dia ckp, penat ke hari ni? aku pon cakap penat, dari pagi smpi petang ada kelas.
and Pak Dolah ckp, yela penat sikit je, nanti pandai, bukan senang tau nak jadi org pandai. 
tengok. baik kan driver kitorang. diorang manis manis tauu.

5. mesti rindu lecturers kan. sebab mereka mereka ini lah yang kasi ilmu law kat aku. dulu before masuk sini, memang cetek gila lah ilmu law. tau cakap law tu sejarah la weh, sejarah. haha. padahal luas scope law ni. gracias ye all the lectures. 

6. rindu dekat ECM dan MEGA. haha. tempat ni lah tempat untuk konon konon release tension. padahal je tension kan. walaupun asyik merungut ECM tak best, tak macam Sg Wang, tak macam Times Square, tak mcm mall mall yang aku suka pergi lah, tapi kat ECM tu juga lah muka aku selalu. lepas ni mana dah aku nak datang kuantan, and of course rindu dekat ECM. 

7. nasi koboi juga aku akan rindu lepas ni. yelah, nasi koboi ni lah penyelamat kalau tengah sesak. makan nasi koboi rasa sedih je tauu, nampak sangat takde duit. haha. bukan mak ayah tak kasi duit, tapi duit tu pergi berjoli ke arah lain, jadi terpaksa lah makan nasi koboi. tapi best juga nasi koboi. not bad. nasi putih, telur dadar and ada sos dia. harga rm2. makan nasi koboi juga lah mengajar erti macam macam. erti menghargai duit lah sebenarnya. :) 

8. aku juga confirm rindu dekat arked. haha. dulu punya lah mengutuk arked, cakap kotor lah apa lah, canteen org kilang lah. ya Allah feza, takbur takbur. haha. tapi sekarang, arked tu lah tempat makan aku, sedap pon sedap. kalau nak compare arked dengan sekilau, sekarang ni aku lagi berselera makan dekat arked, dengan harga dia murah 50sen compared dengan sekilau kalau ambil lauk yang sama. ayam dekat arked pon lagi besar dari dekat sekilau. itu lah kan, kita tak sepatutnya judge the book by its cover, should try first. 

9. of course rindu Bank Islam. haha. sebab ambil duit elaun. best kot dpt elaun, yela sape nak kasi kita rm1250 free free camtu je kan. seronok tauu. kepuasan gila hari pertama dapat elaun. rasa mcm nak beli semua barang je lah. haha. lepas ni habis asasi aku memang tak pergi Bank Islam dah lah, sebab Bank Islam aku buka account pon sebab elaun, sebab aku pakai bank lain. rindu lah kan nanti.

10. lastly aku rindu all memories kat sini. tak kisah la manis, masin, pahit, masam ke sebab tu semua memori kan. dari memori sem 1 even memori sem 1 sangatlah masam utk ditelan, yelaa kawan sendiri memburukkan kita kan, lepas tu pergi canang sana sini pasal aku. maybe time tu dia tak rasa bercinta tu mcm mana, dia boleh la canang sana sini pasal aku. tapi takpe sebab semua benda yang dia canang pasal aku tu sekarang ni terjadi dekat dia. thats karma kan.whats goes around, comes around. mengata dulang paku serpih, mengata orang dia yang lebih. haha. sekarang ni dia  dah bercinta and kalau korang  tengok, kat mana mana pon diorang dok meraba raba, bersentuh sentuh, even dekat arked pon, sementara tunggu makanan kot pon jalan jee. start dari situ, aku tahu orang lain boleh nampak  boleh tahu and faham mana betul mana salah. lain lah kalau diorg tu butakan hati untuk  menilai. opss. terlebih emosi kan. sorry readers, bab mcm ni aku mmg emosi sikit. sem 2 and 3 semua memori yang manis je aku rasa. So kira memori sem 1 tu celah gigi jelah. maybe aku tersalah jumpa kawan sebelum aku jumpa yang betul kawan. heee :) 

thats all 10 things yang aku confirm rindu. thanks for reading peeps. hope enjoy :)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

dealing with a friends jealousy

hello there. nothing much to update. just want to update about what im feel right now. -_______-
i just wondering why our friends will feel jealousy to us, although we are friend babeh. what are you thinking about, am i not nice to you? am i? 
to avoid all those things sakit hati, i search an article how to dealing with friends jealousy. 

1.The first thing is don’t change if your just being natural and they are envious. You are you, it’s who you are, and you need to remember that is what makes you special, so don’t change who you are — at least not if your not trying to make a friend jealous on purpose.

2.If a friend’s jealousy is ruining your friendship there are things you can try to do to stop the relationship from going sour. The first step is to evaluate the relationship. Does their jealousy have merit? Are you acting in ways that are intended to create your friends jealousy? If so you may need to correct your actions when you are around them.

3.Another cause of a friend being jealous is they feel inferior. They could possibly even feel left out or neglected. If you’ve ever had this type of experience then you already know very well how jealousy can creep into any friendship.

4.Rational or not, you need to deal with this. Ask them why they are jealous or why they display jealousy when you are around them. Talk it out and try to come to some kind of reasonable solution that both of you can live with. Communication is key to solving a friend’s jealousy.

5.Hopefully, they will open up and let you know what is making them feel the way they do and explain why as well. If they don’t — ask them directly what is going on. Nicely of course, but still be direct.

6.Although you don’t want to change your own personality to make someone else happy, as this will make you miserable, you have to look at how they feel. See if there’s some flexibility in the situation and a way you can help resolve the friends jealousy and possible tensions that exist between you two.

7.The best way to cure a friend’s jealousy is to keep the channels of communication open and respect their feelings. If you are unable to do that, then the only answer may be to get a new friend.

8.Don’t let a friends insecurity jealousy destroy your friendship – you may also disover trust building games are a great way to conteract the joulousy of a friend.

i love this relationship, and i dont want to mess it up or ruin it everythings. please dear behave yourself, i dont need you to treat me like a princess just be nice. we considerate with each other so our life is much easier. you may feel im strong enough, but im crying inside with your attitude friends. sob sob sob.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

4 months.

after 4 months tak jumpa. faiz decided dtg kuantan. yeah. hatiku berbunga riang menunggu ketibaan faiz yang comel.
guys, enjoy the pictures, malas lah nak tulis panjang panjang, takut ada yang termuntah sebab mengade sgt . haha :)
i love you baby
ni dekat santai. :)
some relationships are like TOM AND JERRY. they tease each other, knock down each other, irritate each other, but CANT LIVE without each other :)

third sem already :)

hello all. now im currently in my third semester in foundation law program. i hope i can pursue my study in degree law and now need to strive harder for MUET yang suck tu. haha. dah tak dapat band 4 nak mencarut pulak kan. haih. -____________-.

third sem ni duduk kampus lain pulak, iaitu padang lalang. lain lah bukit sekilau sbb kat sini bilik cuma 2 org je and as usual aku roomate dengan syida. asyik asyik syida. hahaha .

                                                        bilik kitorang yang seberapa. haha. 

and last sem ni aku still group E lagi even daftar lambat. nasib baik ada kawan yang sanggup keluar kasi chance aku masuk law E. sob sob terharu. 
and lama sangat cuti, rindu juga kawan kawan kuantan ni so kitorang buat lah ketupats day out. here is the picture. enjoy peeps :D

                                                        dekat post office, teman shy pos barang.

                                                                 rina, dak farah and ummi.

                                          budak budak excited try cool blog yang tersangat lah cool.

                                                    fazreen excited makan chicken wing.

                                                                shy dengan naiemah.

                                                    dak farah yang tak pernah tak semangat.:D

thats all. this is my last sem and really hope dpt improve pointer, kalau boleh dean ke. haha. and strive for MUET yg mcm s***