Tuesday, July 5, 2011

dealing with a friends jealousy

hello there. nothing much to update. just want to update about what im feel right now. -_______-
i just wondering why our friends will feel jealousy to us, although we are friend babeh. what are you thinking about, am i not nice to you? am i? 
to avoid all those things sakit hati, i search an article how to dealing with friends jealousy. 

1.The first thing is don’t change if your just being natural and they are envious. You are you, it’s who you are, and you need to remember that is what makes you special, so don’t change who you are — at least not if your not trying to make a friend jealous on purpose.

2.If a friend’s jealousy is ruining your friendship there are things you can try to do to stop the relationship from going sour. The first step is to evaluate the relationship. Does their jealousy have merit? Are you acting in ways that are intended to create your friends jealousy? If so you may need to correct your actions when you are around them.

3.Another cause of a friend being jealous is they feel inferior. They could possibly even feel left out or neglected. If you’ve ever had this type of experience then you already know very well how jealousy can creep into any friendship.

4.Rational or not, you need to deal with this. Ask them why they are jealous or why they display jealousy when you are around them. Talk it out and try to come to some kind of reasonable solution that both of you can live with. Communication is key to solving a friend’s jealousy.

5.Hopefully, they will open up and let you know what is making them feel the way they do and explain why as well. If they don’t — ask them directly what is going on. Nicely of course, but still be direct.

6.Although you don’t want to change your own personality to make someone else happy, as this will make you miserable, you have to look at how they feel. See if there’s some flexibility in the situation and a way you can help resolve the friends jealousy and possible tensions that exist between you two.

7.The best way to cure a friend’s jealousy is to keep the channels of communication open and respect their feelings. If you are unable to do that, then the only answer may be to get a new friend.

8.Don’t let a friends insecurity jealousy destroy your friendship – you may also disover trust building games are a great way to conteract the joulousy of a friend.

i love this relationship, and i dont want to mess it up or ruin it everythings. please dear behave yourself, i dont need you to treat me like a princess just be nice. we considerate with each other so our life is much easier. you may feel im strong enough, but im crying inside with your attitude friends. sob sob sob.

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