Tuesday, August 16, 2011

debate session

yeah. finally.
i think, me and my team have all out in our debate session.
we have idea to rebutting the opposition party and i memorize my script.
i still look at my notes sometimes to make sure it.
but for me 
i already done my best
just wait for madam bai to give the comment on next week.
i hope she will give a good comment that make us proud.
thanks for syida as 1st speaker.
fazreen 2nd speaker.
and liana for the 3rd speaker.
and me as a forth speaker.
i love debate. cewahhh.
and tonight i will take economy test.
hope to get highest marks if i can. kekekeke.

okay good bye peeps.
until then.
p/s: i miss my family, my dad, my mom and my amim.
cannot sleep yesterday, just can close my eyes on 5 a.m i dont know whats wrong with my feeling.
not tough like usual.

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